What is Life Coaching ?
How it works

Understanding Yourself

Your Beliefs equal your Thoughts

  • Your beliefs may be things like "I Love Myself", or "I Hate Myself", If you have no negative thoughts then you can have no pain.
  • Your Thoughts equal your Emotions.  If you replace "I'm not good enough" with "I'm okay", you reinforce the positive while you let the negative die away.

The Process

1. A Goal is Set

An individual will identify surface problems and clarify issues.  The Coach will listen actively, paraphrase issues brought up by the individual, and then ultimately identify the dilemma.

2. The Current Situation is Assessed.

The coach will summarize core issues, and explore the extent of future planning.  The individual can build a new mental model of themselves.

The coach uses a variety of tools and techniques, but from other disciplines such as sociology, psychology, and career counseling.

3. Explore options of actions.

Brainstorm, share and create ideas to move forward with Goal Setting, and Habit Change.  The coach can challenge the current mindset.

An example would be that a daughter who has an over bearing mother.  The daughter finds this wonderful man one day and she loves everything about him, except his mother.  She sees that she cannot marry this man because of her own relationship with her mother.  The daughter Herself sees that she needs to talk to her mother about the way she feels.  Doing this will make her relationship with her mother stronger.  In turn making her stronger to be More Free in her relationships.

Coaching works for emotional and psychological growth.  Coaching helps individuals move forward in what ways they want to move.

4. Create an action plan to maintain will power.

The coach can prompt an action plan, and the individual can recap significant learning.

An example of an action plan can be that if a person is feeling depressed, the coach can have them call anytime they feel that way, and tell them what's on their mind and distinguish between positive and negative thoughts.

The Main goal of a coach is to give you power and confidence in your self.  Once the individual has this power the individual can do anything that the individual wants to accomplish.

The Idea

A life Coach will help you distinguish what really matters to you.  You will feel transformed - with more control and independence - and a better understanding of who you are, in your life.

You will typically leave a session with a stronger mind set of what is important to you - making you feel empowered to take on whatever life throws at you.

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